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You can call us at, 510-733-2082 or email us at, and request an agreement package. If you have not received correspondence, then we will need a copy of your judgment either faxed or mailed to our office. Once we have that, we will enter the information into our database, and generate contracts for your review. When we receive the signed, notarized agreement package back from you we will file the paperwork with the courthouse and begin working on collection.

If you have been issued a court awarded judgment of $1,000 or more, and would like to submit your case online for review by Terrific Judgment Recovery, please fill out the form to the right with as much information as you can provide:

By filing in this on-line application, you warrant that you are indeed the owner of said judgment or have a legal interest in the same. Submission of this information does not obligate you to Terrific Judgment Recovery.

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